KappaSigma Partners main scope of work is providing support to its customers looking to extract value from current real estate assets or via investing in new.

More specifically, through strategic analysis for each asset, we aim at the

  • reduction of costs of ownership and operational costs
  • initiation of and increase of income streams from property


Our company has international presence, offering its services with an innovative and flexible approach, via a network of highly exprerienced and accredited professionals in Greece and abroad. For each project in hand, a unique team is formulated aiming at the highest quality of service and benefit to the customer.


The active management of real estate assets is key to value enhancement

for the reduction of the cost of ownership and the initiation of income flow from assets under freehold ownership or assets for which there is another form of contractual relationship (lease, leasing, co-ownership etc.)

We believe that, a real estate consultant, in order to be of true value to a client, must:

  • have expertise in the particular real estate market of the assets under study and depending on the type of assets and size the expertise must extend to a pan-european or worldwide level
  • in cooperation with the client, the particular circumstances of the investor /asset owner and financial and business planning need to be comprehended and fully addressed
  • have a top level network of business partners and not rely solely on in-house expertise
  • have a mentality and aspiration of providing exceptional service to the client, placing the client's interests first
  • have an innovative approach to every new task as things constantly evolve and everyone needs to be one step ahead in order to be successful
  • be speedy in execution



The company's headquarters are in the city centre of Athens, Greece.