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September 19, 2016 Participation in the presentation of the Greek Chapter of Red Book (RICS Valuation - Professional Standards) - Conference room Bank of Greece

Participation of our company in the two-day conference - Organized by FIG agency and the World Bank


28-4-2016 Currency Exchange Support from Kappasigma Partners in Partnership with TorFX

"To help its clients get the most from real estate investments, Kappasigma Partners works with companies and individual experts that share its commitment to offering exceptional services and first-class customer care"

For that reason, Kappasigma Partners has partnered with TorFX, a leading international currency transfer provider.

Investing in overseas property means having to navigate the sometimes tricky waters of foreign exchange. With the currency market being one of the most volatile trading platforms in the world, getting to grips with your transfers and timing them effectively can be difficult if you don’t have the right support behind you. That’s where TorFX comes in.

For more than a decade, TorFX has been managing the diverse international currency transfer requirements of both private and corporate customers. As part of a group which transacts in excess of £3 billion in international payments per annum and employs over 300 highly-skilled financial services employees, TorFX is able to offer its customers a uniquely personal level of support and a range of money-saving services which can be tailored to suit individual requirements.

By using TorFX to manage their currency transfers, Kappasigma Partners’ clients can benefit from:

  • Exchange rates which undercut the banks by up to 90%
  • A best-rate guarantee
  • Fast, free transfers on over fifty global currencies
  • Dedicated account management
  • Award-winning service 

27-7-2016 Η Kappasigma Partners ανέλαβε και έφερε εις πέρας με μεγάλη επιτυχία την εκτίμηση 101 ακινήτων στην Κύπρο. Τα ακίνητα, επαγγελματικά, εμπορικά, οικιστικά, εκτάσεις και ειδικά ακίνητα βρίσκονταν σε όλες τις πόλεις της Κύπρου. Το έργο ολοκληρώθηκε εντός 26 ημερολογιακών ημερών.

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