• Brokerage services for sales and rentals 
  • Feasibility studies for development projects 
  • Real estate project management


Assets are in many cases underperforming, mainly due to owners' lack of time or non-consideration of real estate as invested capital that needs to provide adequate yield. There are issues, such as differences between co-owners, maintenance issues, non-cooperative tenants or leases with inadequate terms that need to be addressed and resolved.

We undertake the studies and provide services aiming at the mobilisation of property  in order to reduce maintenance costs, taxation, whenever possible and creation of income flow in a innovative way. Ιn many cases, capital from the owner's site, for financing certain projects, may not required and the proposed strategy will ensure the enhancement of the asset's value in the best possible way.

In many cases, for the protection of property rights, it is necessary to have a survey of the asset, insurance, real estate expert's support as witness at courts (eg. in the case of compulsory purchase), where the owner will have to secure a just reimbursement for his/her property. We will pull together all necessary resources, inhouse and external partners' expertise, in order to support the client and remove insecurity and uncertainty.