Our team provides advice for the optimization of your portfolio of real estate investments. We will take time to discuss and understand the unique aspects of your business, so that we can develop a solution that helps you achieve your financial and risk objectives.

 Depending on the risk profile of your overall strategy we will assist in the structuring of your portfolio. For aggressive portfolios we will look for properties that will have a great appreciation potential, but at the same time be balanced and well diversified. Entering a market at the right point in the economic cycle, coupled with professional management thereafter, that is based on set rules and continued market research, will be crucial for maximum value to be harvested as projected. The same overall strategy will apply to income generating portfolios, but with a focus for an appropriate yield on regular income. Our global to local approach and effort to take into consideration all possible factors and risk that have an effect on the value chain, will ensure that our advice to you will provide a sound basis for building or restructuring your real estate portfolio.

Our services are addressed to small capital investors as well, as opportunities for real estate investments are not there only for HNWI and companies with large capital. For example, through investment in REITS, or other investment vehicles, small capital investors are given the opportunity to invest in large scale real estate portfolios, that have an attractive taxation regime and offer risk diversification, thereby providing liquidity low transaction costs as opposed to a direct real estate investment.