Our services are based on rigorous research and analysis, so that we are certain that we have captured the real estate market pulse relevant to the project in hand. 

The thorough analysis and understanding of the state of the real estate markets trends, supply and demand, is a prerequisite for the provision of personalised consulting services, for the benefit of our client.

Our research and analysis extends to the Greek and other real estate markets at a different level of analysis, depending on the required service, as globalisation has led to an interconnectivity and interdependence between markets. The 'one' has an effect on the 'whole' and vice versa.

Special emphasis is placed on macroeconomic and microeconomic factors affecting real estate markets and whose impact on the real estate market under study, in the short or in the long term run, may not be so obvious from the start, but rigorous thinking and careful analysis may reveal.

We provide reports at a city level and forecasts spanning a 3year term, taking into consideration historical data, investment trends, economic and other developments in each market, politics, macroeconomic data and analysis.