'One stop' shop

We have a deep understanding of the workings of real estate markets and we strive to be at the forefront of related research (into policies, industry developments, advancements in technology, politics etc. that have an impact in real estate values and future prospects). We analyse and bring down all the data to the level of the assets under study. After deep examination and analysis - from various angles - of the relative factors that may affect the property portfolio or an investment venture, in cooperation with our partners, we are then in a position to put forward innovative and 'value for money' proposals to our client.

Valuation of property for the purposes of sale, lease, investment, reimbursement due to compulsory purchase, inheritance issues, financial reporting etc.

Our services are based on rigorous research and analysis, so that we are certain that we have captured the real estate market pulse relevant to the project in hand. 

We provide consulting services relative to the sale process and rental process, selection and implementation of the best marketing strategy that will lead to expected outcome, retail branch network development etc.


Based on our research and forecasts on the prospects of real estate markets in Europe as opposed to other non-european markets, we support our clients in the selection of attractive properties for investment, aiming at strong short / long term returns. 

Our team provides advice for the optimization of your portfolio of real estate investments. We will take time to discuss and understand the unique aspects of your business, so that we can develop a solution that helps you achieve your financial and risk objectives.