We strongly believe that a company, needs to possess certain qualities and mentality, in order to develop in a way that can be of true value and support to its clients:

Knowledge - Experience

We have a deep understanding of the workings of real estate markets and we strive to be at the forefront of related research (into policies, industry developments, advancements in technology, politics etc. that have an impact in real estate values and future prospects. We analyse and bring down all the data to the level of the assets under study. After deep examination and analysis - from various angles - of the relative factors that may affect the property portfolio or an investment venture, in cooperation with our partners, we are then in a position to put forward innovative and 'value for money' proposals to our client.

Credibility - Integrity

You can count on us. Our client's interest comes before the rest. We guarantee that we will not undertake any project that we cannot deliver according to your set timelines. We will be discussing your needs and requirements and we will be very specific on whether we can provide our services according to deadlines. In addition, we take extra care to act discretely and treat as confidential the data provided by our client for the project execution.

Passion - Perfection

We like our job and be of service to our clients. We do not compromise with mediocrity. We dedicate too much time upfront in order to examine all facets of each new project and evaluate a number of different scenarios, in order to choose and propose to you the highest and best solution relative to your needs and aspirations.


Effectiveness for KappaSigma Partners means:

  • Value add advice
  • Speedy response and timely delivery of services
  • Confidentiality - Trust
  • Friendly approach and accountability
    • We work in a professional manner and at the same time we like nurturing a friendly relationship with our clients. There is one point of contact for you- the client, on each project, who undertakes to pull all necessary resources and expertise to execute smoothly the task and provide the service.
  • Fair cost of service
    • By working mainly with external associates we keep the company small and flexible. In this way, we keep the cost for our services as low as possible, without sacrifising the high quality of our services. Our long-standing partnerships with companies in the real estate sector as well as new partnerships with accredited companies and individual experts, who have been carefully selected to be our partners, allow us to keep fees at very competitive levels and at the same time provide high quality services to our clients.